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SneakerWash Bag

SneakerWash Bag

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Sale price $32.99 Regular price $66.00
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✅ Protects and Prolongs Shoe Life

✅ Fits Two Shoes Perfectly

✅ Effortless Cleaning

SneakerWash Bag

Regular price $32.99
Sale price $32.99 Regular price $66.00
SAVE 50% Sold out
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How do I use it?

Add a washing pod or detergent powder and select the low heat or delicate setting for the wash. And always wash with water temperature below 96.8° Fahrenheit (36° Celsius).

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Deluvo Shoe Bag ensures effortless, fast and thorough cleaning for your footwear as opposed to traditional cleaning methods. Simply place your shoes inside, zip it up, andlet the washing machine do the work. Add a washing pod or a detergent powder and select the low heat or delicate setting for the wash. And always wash with water temperature below 36° Celsius.


Sucasso™ Shoe Bag safe guards your footwear from the common issues encountered with washing machines and traditional cleaning methods. Its carefully crafted design and soft bristles offer a protective buffer for your shoes,ensuring they remain free from fading, stretching, squashing, or any other adverse effects.


Whether it's for running sneakers,daily wear, or children's shoes, just slip them in, add your preferred cleaning agent, and set your machine to a gentle cycle. It's the hassle-free way to keep all your footwear in pristine condition, without worrying about size or style compatibility.

  • Protects Shoes

    Prevents damage and wear during washing.

  • Fits All Sizes

    Designed to accommodate all shoe sizes! Fit your favorite pair in our shoe bag.

  •  Eco-Friendly

    Made entirely from environmentally-safe materials.

Easy to Use, Easy to Love.

No more hand scrubbing or worrying about damage.

Simply zip, toss, and enjoy clean shoes effortlessly.

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Sucasso™ Shoe Bag 

We know what we are creating


Minimal Effort

Suitable for all shoe type

Secure lock design


Equipped with 1000 bristles

Over Price

46,850+ cleaner shoes & happier feet


claimed that their shoes were perfectly clean and dirt & odor free after just 1 wash


Said that odors and lingering shoe smells were completely gone after 1 wash cycle


Noticed that this product has significantly improved their life.


What's included?

Each order comes with 1 shoe bag. It takes just a few minutes to wash 1 shoe, but if you want to wash a pair of shoes simultaneously, you can order 2 shoe bags

Can the shoe washing bag be used in a washing machine?

Yes, the bag is specifically designed for use in washing machines, protecting shoes from damage and ensuring effective cleaning.

What are the dimensions of the shoe washing bag?

The bag measures 41 cm in length and 17 cm in width, accommodating most types of shoes.

Will the bag withstand multiple washes?

Yes, the bag is made of durable, tear-resistant material that can endure multiple washes without losing its quality.

Is the bag suitable for all types of shoes?

The bag is suitable for most types of shoes, including sneakers, athletic shoes, and other machine-washable footwear.

How should I care for the shoe washing bag?

After each use, rinse the bag under running water and allow it to dry. This helps maintain its condition for long-term use.